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You need to ask yourself 3 questions
1) how often do I leave hamilton or GTA?

2) how often do I go to the US and need voice calls?

3) Do I make a lot of long distance calling (within canada)?

If you answer to any of the above is 'lots', you're probably going to want one of the new guys.

I'm with wind and I get 25c a min to call anywhere in canada when i'm outside a home zone.
Calls within province are considered local.
Calls in the US are also 25c each.

If you join with robelus, you get a two decade old network (i.e. mature coverage), but you will be paying long distance fees (in the traditional more-than-one-city-over sense) and roaming fees if you travel to the US.

The above reasons (though I don't travel to the US often) are why I chose wind.
robelus would charge me 35c a min just for long distance, calling two cities over.
Even if I had no wind coverage, my per minute cost is still cheaper. Then when I do have wind coverage, it's cheaper still (either 10c/min or covered under my plan)

Gotta decide what's best for you based on balancing your needs.
If you're often outside of the gta and need data access, you would be better off with robelus as the new guys currently have not negotiated an affordable roaming rate for data. It's pay per use at ridiculous-per-mb rates :p
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