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Where to buy Elite SC-27 - GTA?

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Does anybody know where i can buy an Elite SC-27? I see they've come down in price online, since the new model came out.
I'd rather buy in person, local, if possible.

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Bought my SC-25 at Whitby Audio. Don't know what they have in stock right now but it may be worth a call.
Found it! Well at least they say they have one (new) at the warehouse, which really means a different store. I put down a deposit and I'll pick it up Tomorrow. (I bought my 1018 there. and another system from they're old store in Scrborough)
HD TV & Electronics.
550 Hwy 7 E. Unit 78-79.
Richmond Hill, ON. L4B 3Z4
(905) 881-0128

They were busily recieving a purolator shipment of all the new Elite's, SC-32, 35's & 37's. Stacks of them. looks like they do a good bit of volume.
And lots of TV's, lots of makes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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