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Using Setanta's online guide for pubs showing their premium service (therefore have to assume they are footy friendly pubs) gives the following:

Fitz Ray's Restaurant
Address 110 Dundas St.
City London, ON N6A 1G1
Phone 519 646-1112

Scot's Corner (London)
Address 268 Dundas St. 2nd Floor
City London, ON N6A 1H3
Phone 519-667-2277

Friday Night Lights
Address 391 Richmond St.
City London, ON N6A 5S3
Phone 519 777-7180

Crabby Joe's (London)
Address 670 Oxford Street West
City London, ON N6H 1T9
Phone 519-657-6888

Oarhouse Sports Bar & Grille
Address 666 Wonderland Road N.
City London, ON N6H 4K9
Phone 519-473-5702

Molly Blooms
Address 26 Brunswick St
City Stratford, ON N5A 3L8
Phone 519-271-2778

Duke of Wellington
Address 33 Erb Street
City Waterloo, ON N2L 1S8
Phone 519-886-9370

McGinnis Front Row
Address 160 University Ave. W
City Waterloo, ON N2L 3E9
Phone 519 886-6490

With the knockout stages coming and the way the schedule is divided, expect all of the matches to be available live on the following channels in Canada:

Setanta (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
TSN and TSN2 (Tuesdays)
Regional Sportsnet and Sportsnet-1 (Wednesdays)


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From here on out most games will be on TSN, Sportsnet and Setanta. On February 22 and March 8, TSN's games will air on TSN2 because TSN has curling. Otherwise, you can see at least one game on TSN or Sportsnet (which are available fairly easily through every cable company) every matchday. The semi finals will probably only be on TSN and Sportsnet and the final will be on Sportsnet. There shouldn't be anymore games on Sportsnet one at all.

Otherwise, the pubs hawk10 listed will work too, especially for the Setanta games if you don't want to shell out $15 a month for the channel to watch a few Champions League games.
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