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I have a DSR530 and a 2-sat Ku LNB on a 75E dish which has worked well but had been acting up for about a week. The sound was out of sync and very grainy, sometimes there was no sound all and some channels only worked after I changed to another channel on the other satellite and went back to them.

My power on most channels is above 90 and the Ecb/No on most channels is between 7.8 and 10, so I don't think it's a dish issue. Incidentally, this all started after I installed the 75E dish and LNB, so I switched back to my 60E dish+LNB and the issue remained (so I re-re-installed the 75E)

It's my cottage setup that I used to be able to use under the home-away-from-home clause. I called *C and they told me I could no longer use this setup unless I paid for a 2nd account. I created a fuss and am now worried that they might de-activate this or all of my receivers.

1. Should I be worried?

2. When can I see my hit times to unplug the receiver?

I did a refresh on the *C website and the unit still works (seems to be working better, actually), but I'm worried it might stop working abruptly.
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