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When using the skip 30sec feature, does your audio breakup/hiccup for a sec?

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Hi all,

I've noticed that right from the start, when I use the skip 30sec feature, when I resume playback, the audio usually hiccups for a second and then "snaps" into place - occasionally, it will "pop" then snap into sync again. Has anyone else experienced this as well? Both my PVR & STB does this, one is connected via HDMI for audio and the other by TOSLINK optical.
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Hmm, when I try this further I find that my PVR box doesn't exhibit this behaviour but my STB 3 floors away seems to do this - it could be the crappy old HTiB that it's connected to doesn't seem to mute when switching surround decoders.
In post 1 you stated that it happened on both devices. Now that you've clarified that it happens with an inexpensive HTiB, this has been reported many times on this forum. "Pops" are often noted with HTiBs and inexpensive AVRs when the format changes from DD2.0 to DD5.1, etc - which can happen when you FF or advance since it goes to DD2.0, then back to DD5.1. The workaround is to use analogue audio or set the STB to PCM if that's an option. Of course this defeats DD5.1.

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Yes! exactly 57. Thanks, I just noticed downstairs on my Yamaha RX-V3900 that when I finish FF and it switches to playback, the DD indicators do light up differently from 2.0 to 5.1 and I guess the amp mutes the changeover.

My HTiB upstairs in my bedroom is really old, it only has one optical TOSLINK so there's so option to test it out. I do want to replace it with another HTiB though (its just the bedroom TV) but I don't believe the Bell Fibe-TV STB has the option to output 5.1 all in analogue (correct me if I'm wrong).

Once again, thanks 57!

p.s. does anyone know if this problem will occur with the Sony HS-S370 HTiB?
When I mentioned analogue audio, it was the (2-channel) red/white cables, not multi-channel analogue. I don't believe any STBs have MC analogue audio. Analogue audio or PCM (2 channel) from the STB would still allow for surround sound via the appropriate setting in the HTiB, just not DD5.1. Some decoders like DPLII do quite a good job and this would allow you to keep your HTiB.
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