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It's basically a pleather seat on a pedestal design with speakers in the head rest and a small subwoofer in the back. The audio quality is decent but what's really neat is they actually put some research into positional audio when they created it so it can be used in a stereo setup and give the illusion of positional audio.
They also somehow managed to get down to around the 40hz range with a 3" woofer by utilizing the space within the chair. Not an expensive piece of audio equipment but they put some thought into the design.

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Here's what I'm currently running...

LG 55" 55LW5000 1080p Passive 3D LED TV
PlayStation 3 Slim 120GB (works as my 3D Blu-ray player)
Xbox 360 Elite 120GB (Jasper chipset)
Motorola DCT3416I HD-PVR (Shaw)
Western Digital TV Live Plus HD media player device
Sony CMT-EH10 bookshelf stereo with 2 speakers
Sony MDR-XD200 headphones

I also have the following, but not currently hooked up...

Panasonic 42" TH-42PZ77U 1080p plasma TV
Toshiba HD-DVD player model HD-A30
Pioneer VSX-521-K home theatre receiver
LG BD660C 3D Blu-ray player
Original Xbox
PlayStation 2 Slim

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My HT, summer 2012:

Soyo 32" LCD TV. About 4 years old, works very well.

Shaw Direct DSR 505 HD receiver (I don't miss the extra channels a 6xx receiver would get me, yet).

TiVo Series 2 DVR, with DSR-315 for source. It is set up with S-video from receiver to TiVo, and TiVo to TV.

AMD Fusion E-350 PC (Asrock E-350M1 motherboard), Windows 7 OS.
It has its own 19" LCD VGA monitor, but also is connected to TV with HDMI.
I play DVDs on the computer, but have a couple DVD players I can use.
I use a Microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse set to control i, as well as have an IR receiver installed for MCE, MCE programmed into my universal remote.

Pioneer SX-315 surround system (yes that is next thing to an HTIB - but it does have digital inputs, unlike an actual HTIB). The computer is connected to the surround with optical, the satellite receiver and TV via coaxial.

My universal remote is a OneForAll URC-8820, which I program with the JP1.x software and hand-built interface.

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I will add, furniturewise, my HT system is little more than a Futon bed/couch to sit on, and a shelf I made out of 1x2s, 1x6s, and some spare MDF, plus I have one of those 1970s end cabinets at the end of the futon. The PC is set up there, with long cables for HDMI and optical audio.

For power, I have installed a row of outlets in the cabinet, and use a UPS for the DVR and satellite receivers. and a plain power strip for TV, surround, and cabinet lighting. The computer has its own power strip.

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I currently have setup...

Panasonic TC-P54V10 1080p Plasma
Yamaha HTR-6160 AVR
XBOX 360 250GB
Motorola DCX 3400
Seagate Showcase 1TB PVR Expander
Panasonic DMP-BDT110 Blu-Ray Player
LG BH-200 BD/HD-DVD Player
Apple TV
Sony SLV-N60 VCR (yes I still have a VCR hooked up haha)
Sony CDP-CE245 CD Player
Cisco Linksys E4200 Router
Logitech Harmony One Remote

Polk CSIA4 Center Channel
JBL E60 Front Towers
JBL N28II Rears
JBL Montor Rear Surrounds
JBL PB12 Sub
Polk PSW110 Sub

I live in a rather small apartment but still want to upgrade.

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Rate my first setup!

Hey guys,

Only spent a couple weeks researching the home audio side of things, but just wanted your feedback on my first setup.


BTW, that vintage Pioneer amp on my Paradigm sub (haven't tried the rest of the setup yet) sounds absolutely insane!!! I can't believe how deep it goes. The pictures wanna fall off the walls at 1/3rd volume, lol.

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Having spent more than my reasonable yearly "allowance" in the main (living room) AV setup I had to use my budget instincts for having a home theatre space in the basement, which is very small (13'x12').

I have a 17" Toshiba Satellite laptop as the main source (Netflix, Cinemanow, Grooveshark, Youtube, DVD) connected to an Optoma Pico 301 projector. It is not bright but the basement has no windows so no problem. For audio Ièm using an old (eighties) Fisher stereo receiver, two Ymamaha NS-5X bookshelf speakers (surprisingly good) and a Polk Audio 10inch subwoofer. Finally a 100 inch white screen.
Projector $300
Screen: $100
Spealers: $50
Receiver: $0 (picked up by the curbside)

Modest but efficient for the moment

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That's still larger than my screen (96" 21:9) !!!

How's the pico projector? Is it 1080p? I'm thinking of getting one and project it to my ceiling.

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I haven't tried the Pico with an HD source yet. So far netflix from the laptop, the quality is good but not super crisp and sharp. I bought it to have the ability to carrry it for work purposes, but if I wanted to have it for home theatre exclusively I'd look for a bulb projector (although I can't really afford a $1,000+ unit so I won't expect to have real HD for a while)

The screen is the right width for projecting from about 3.5m from the screen.

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For my bedroom, I don't really need HD, especially because I just want to project computer generated water rippling video to the ceiling just to have a water-light-blue hue on top of me before I fall asleep :D

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Basement Setup:
Panasonic TC-P60U50 60" Plasma in basement using Rabbit Ears on 2nd floor via in-wall COAX
Acer X193w LCD for general use of HTPC
Pioneer VSX-815 AV Receiver with video direct from devices to TV since it doesn't have HDMI
Logitech Harmony 520 Remote
Logitech MX3200 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Sansui S-55C floor speakers for Front (updated cable connectors on the back, newer woofers that are quasi transparent, no grills, kick ass)
Bose 201 bookshelf speakers for Surround (1st generation with pathetic tweeters)
Motorized 90 CM KU band dish
microHD FTA Satellite Receiver
Coolsat 6000 Premium FTA Satellite Receiver
HTPC (AMD A10-5800 CPU, 8 GIG ram, 1 x 60GB SSD, 3 X 3TB drives)
Large Decorest Sectional Sofa. :D
In-wall 7.2 wiring
25 Port Switch and Termination Block with about 20 runs of CAT6 throughout house
Dual Band Wireless N Router
DSL Modem
About 18 runs of RG6 throughout house (misconception that HD required TWO coax per device when planning wiring but has proven useful anyway, hehe)
About 10 runs of phone line in the house using CAT6 and Nortel Bix Blocks
Misc DVD players and VCR players stuffed under the stairs just in case ...

I am going to get a Centre Channel Speaker and 12" LFE whenever I get around to choosing something reasonably priced (~500 for sub, not sure what I'd want to spend on a centre...)

Cheers, Steve

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I have a "Red Green" themed room :)

Yammy RX-V459 (2006ish)
Nfusion HD - ATSC/FTA receiver (2010ish)
Apple 2 TV (Gen 2)
Samsung Blueray (dumpster-dived)
Goldstar VHS VRC (Basic Calble tunner 1998)
Optoma TW-536 720p projector (New-refurb.)
91" masonite screen
Paradigm Studio 7 v.4 (2004ish)
Paradigm CC-300 center (1998ish)
Polk Rt4i Surround rear. (2012)
Optomas 44's (Minimus 7's really) Surround rear
Polk 110 sub (2012)

Carpet on the wall and egg shell foam on the ceiling for accoustics.

Couch #2 is raised 14"

Next step is a HDMI/SPDIF switch box to simplify cabling (more HDMI vs Component) and projector source switching and the addition of a little Android/Google dongle type PC to the mix..

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Update for my stuff:

2.1 Listening:
Yamaha rx-v863
Energy RC-70 Mains
Monitor Audio 12" Sub converted to RX-w12 (Upgraded Amp)

Energy Take LCR x 2
Powered from the rx-v863 with "Speaker B" selection

HT 7.2:
Yamaha rx-v565
LCR: Energy Take FPS
Side Surrounds: Energy VS-Surrounds
Surround Backs: Energy Take LCR
Sub 1: DIY Trio 12 in 24" cube, with 2 12" passive radiators, 500W Dayton Plate Amp
Sub 2: DIY Trio 12 in 20" cube, with a single 15" Passive Radiator, 500W Bash Amp
47" LG LCD, PS3, Wii, WDTV, etc.

Outdoors (Treehouse):
Kenwood Amp
Radioshack (The Source) 3-way speakers
Sony Speakers (from an old boom box)
Kenwood passive sub

1981 Z-28:
Sony Xplod Deck with USB
Kenwood Fronts
Sony Xplod 6X9 rears
Alpine Type-S 12" sub
Rockford Fosgate 4-ch amp with HP/LP for speakers
Legacy amp for sub

Move RC-70 to HT with Energy RC-LCR (in storage)
Replace RC-70 with possibly Energy V6.3 or perhaps Martin Logan Motion 40's in Gloss Cherry
SDX-10 DIY kit currently in storage awaiting assembly

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My revised gear list;

Panasonic 50G25 Plasma
Oppo BDP-80
Onkyo TX-NR414
HDMI Interconnects
5 Matching Totem Mites - Consecutive Serial Numbers
Acoustic Research 8" Subwoofer


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Yamaha CX-A5000 Preprocessor
Yamaha MX-A5000 11.2 Channel Amp
Samsung UN65D8000 TV
Paradigm Studio 100s, CC-C90, Sub12
Paradigm Monitor ADP-390s for the rears, mini monitors for the presence speakers, ADP-190s for the surround back
Xbox One, Xbox 360 (kids still play kinect sports )
Oppo Bluray
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