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All these systems are making me so jelous I may have to go buy a Samsung UN55C9000. My uncle has one in Virginia and the image is amazing not sure if you can get em in Canada yet... But with image like that I can wait :p

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-TV : LG 42" 42LD450
-Bell 9241
-PS3 for bluray player
-apple TV
-RetailPlus HDMI Media Player Centre
-Second TV : 24" Dynex DX-24L230A12
-Bell 4100 connected to the dynex
-RCA RT2990 A/V receiver : Curently looking for something better
-Rolk Olsen R-10 speakers :
-Laptop : Samsung SF410 for schoolwork

My 2 TVs are side to side. the Dynex one is always on RIS (Réseau Info Sport). This channel is diffusing sport news 24/24.

This is when I first turned it on. I also had my previous speakers.

Anyone know this manufacturer : Rolk olsen?

I bought speakers a week ago, I hope they are good quality speakers.

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From one of my friend who had them for only a couple of months. They are as good as new. Why do you ask?

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My Home Theatre Photos

I figured it was about to time to show my system as well. This is how the layout will stay untill my new home is built next summer.
This next photo shows my subwoofer under the centre of the entertainment unit. The unit was intended to have an electric fireplace where my sub is, but I intentionally did not buy the fireplace knowing that I was going to put the sub directly under the Plasma when I saw this Entertainment System in the store. The salesman could not usterstand at all why I did not want the fireplace untill I finally explained to him that I was putting a sub there.

Sorry for the terrible photos. They were taken on my cell phone.

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  • Harman Kardon AVR 130 receiver
  • Rogers HD PVR
  • Sony DVD player
  • Apple TV (2nd gen)
  • Nintendo Wii
  • KEF center channel
  • Bose front cube speakers (old hand me down)
  • JBL round in-ceiling surround speakers
  • Panasonic 50 in Plasma (TCP 50S30)

Future purchases (within the next 12-18 months)
  • Panasonic DMP-BDT210 3d bluray
  • KEF front r/l and center T-Series wall mounted speakers
  • Panasonic PT-AE7000 3d projector
  • Screen to drop right in front of my 50in Plasma

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Wow, looking at one of the photos on page 4, was that a Tizio lamp? When I wanted to buy a pair of Tizio lamps in early the 1980s (I guess we're showing our age :), they're all sold out so I got a pair of Dove lamps instead, plus my wife likes the Dove lamps a tad better than the more masculine Tizios. Both designs are still beautiful after all these years.

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Yes, that is a Tizio lamp. I got it on sale from Royal Lighting on Avenue Road in Toronto in 1999. I had been wanting one for years and it finally came on sale. I just checked their website and it's not listed, although I'm sure you can get it somewhere - a search on the web found several models, etc.

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update from post 228

Family room
-TV Samsung 46in LED
-Connected to computer as a second screen.
-Older windows based computer used for music, some games and internet.
-17in computer monitor.
-wireless keyboard and mouse.
-REC Panasonic SA-HE100.
-connected to computer for sound.
-Playstation 3 160 gig. (so i can back play all older games).
-CABLE Cogeco Motorola DCT-6416III HD PVR.
-DVD Panasonic BMP-DD80.
All the above connected to the internet via D-link DES-1108 10-100 hub.
-VCR Electrohome HIFI Stereo (very old but works great).( I should remove this as I no longer have any video tapes.
-TURNTABLE Technics SL-BD27.
SPEAKERS Cheap but sound great. (still haven't replaced but still sound great)
-MAINS Quest QB6.
-CEN Quest 3 PIX.
-SUB Quest SW-880.
-REAR Technics SB-S25.
-CEN REAR Quest 3 PIX.
REMOTE Harmony 700.
-dvd 500 plus
- blu-ray 100 plus
-ps2 games 10 plus
-ps3 games 10 plus
-500 plus cd's half of which are loaded onto the computer.

Toy Room
-T.V. Panasonic PT-47WX33G
-CABLE Cogeco Motorola DCT-2500
-WII (connected to the internet wireless)
-DVD acer

Computer room
-2 newer acer desktops.
-cogeco internet.
-Linksys wireless router.
-3 wireless laptops.

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Updated gears

Anthem MRX-700
Panasonic PT-AE7000U w/ 6 pairs of 3D glasses
Panasonic BDT-310 BD player
Pioneer BDP-LX55 BD player
DSPeaker Antimode 8033 anti room-mode bass EQ
Audioquest Vodka HDMI cables

"old" gears still in use:
WDTV Live! with 1.5 TB HDD
Scientific Atlanta SA8300HD PVR (x3) w/ iomega 1 TB PVR extender (also x3)
Pioneer SC-25 Receiver
Pioneer BDP-32 BD player
Pioneer PD-D9 CD/SACD player
Yaqin tube buffer with modified Russian vacuum tubes
Harmony One remote
96" 21:9 matte-white 1.0-gain screen with 16:9 masks
Modified Woon Tactile Transducers (x6)
Bell'O seats (x6)

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-Cisco 8642 HDPVR
-Sony KDL60NX810 3D LED
-Denon AVR-890
-7.1 JBL/Polk speakers
-PS3 slim
-XboX360 slim w/Kinect
-Toshiba HDA2
-Panny BDT-310 3D
-Acer Revo HTPC
-Apple TV2 (jailbroken)
-Logitech Harmony 880

And of course all the other amenities of a respectable mancave

-Mac Mni 2011 (dual boot)
-Apple Ipad WiFi
-Acer Easystore server with 7 TB
-Over 375 Blu-rays and HD DVDs
-Danby 120 can beverage cooler
-Cinema lighting
-5 seat leather couch
-stand up popcorn maker

I had to give up the rest of the house to the wife but its worth it!

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My livingroom system...

This is the way I watch TV and films :

  • Explorer 8300HD (with eHDD)
  • Denon AVR-1905
  • 100" Grandview permanent screen
  • Sanyo Z4 projector
  • Oppo DV-981HD
  • Playtation 3/Xbox 360
  • PSB Image 2B, Image 5T, Image 9C
  • Nuance sub
  • Polkaudio sub
  • HDMI 4x Splitter
  • Logitech Harmony One
  • Pioneer DVL-909 DVD/Laserdisc
  • 600+ DVD/Blu-ray/laserdiscs

Also I used my MacPro 8 cores or my Macbook Pro for Videotron internet recording and that awsome!


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My modest setup... some old gear and some new gear... apologies for the bad photo. It was taken using my BlackBerry. Should have used my real camera that's sitting on my ottoman there. ;)

  • Sharp Aquos Quattron LC-70LE732U 70" HDTV
  • Yamaha RX-V661 receiver
  • SA Explorer 8300HD PVR
  • Panasonic DMP-BD45 Blu-ray player
  • Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD player
  • JBL E-30's (FL/FR speakers)
  • JBL N-Center II (C speaker)
  • JBL satellite speakers (RR/RL speakers)
  • Some no name piece of junk of a subwoofer
  • Slimdevices Squeezebox v3 (digital music player)
  • Apple TV v2
  • XBOX 360
  • Monoprice 5-port HDMI switcher
  • Harmony One remote to control it all

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I have a total of 4 Home Theater set ups. I will just post the 2 I myself use the most.

1. Saskatchewan Home

* APC UPS 450XL(Very Important)

* Cerwin Vega (2) CMX-212(Fronts), (1) CMX-45C (2) CMX6(Rears) and (2)CMX-12S

* 65" Sony Bravia XBR65HX929

* XBOX 360 Star Wars Edition

* Sat Receiver HR34

* Bell TV 9242(2TB EHD)

* Samsung BD-D6500 (I didn`t want this player but had to take it as it will play my BD`S from the UK)

* PS3 (Original 60gig upgraded to 500gig HDD)

* Toshiba HD-DVD A2 (for the 15 or so HDDVD`s I have that haven`t seen Blu yet.)

* Toshiba DR-7 DVD Recorder

* Yamaha RX-A2000

2. Montana Home

* APC UPS Same as above

* Cerwin Vega Same set up as above

* Sharp Quattron LC-60LE845U

* DirecTV Whole Home DVR - HR34+ 2 HR24`s in other rooms

* BellTV (2) 6400 both With EHD One upstairs one down

* Xbox 360 Slim

* Sony BDP-S580 BD Player

* Onkyo TX-NR3009

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Just for laughs, Here's my "home theater" setup :D
Hitachi 51uwx20b
Home Theater Pc
Onboard sound (looking into good soundcard)
Peavey Cs800 powering mains
Behringer GEQ3102 31 band graphic stereo equalizer.
Vintage Cerwin Vega V 29's (original surrounds)
Modified Xrocker Sound chair as rears (directed the sound forward with cardboard)
The vega's have surprisingly quick response for 15" woofers. Might be hidden gems among pa equipment, they work for me :)

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You piqued my curiosity. What is an Xrocker Sound Chair?
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