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Main Theatre/Game Room (Basement)
Optoma HD-200X Projector - 130 inch diagonal
Pioneer VSX-920K Receiver - upconverting to HDMI out
PS2, Wii, XBOX 360 Slim 4G (August 3/10)
HTPC - Win 7, i7 920 CPU, 8 TB Storage, with LG Blu-Ray
HDMI splitter - HTPC HDMI audio/video split to projector, exercise room and family room
In-wall (5) Ridley speakers + subwoofer

Family Room (Main Floor)
Samsung 650 LCD 46" (Internet TV)
Linksys DMA-2100 Extender (content from HTPC)

Pool House (Outdoors)
Samsung 32" LCD TV
Linksys DMA-2100 Extender (ethernet/coax underground)
Yamaha RX-N600 Receiver with Bose Speakers

TV's in 3 bedrooms + Linksys DMA -2100 extenders
Insteon Light Switches (X10) to control Exterior and Interior Lighting + Pool Pump/Heater/LED Underwater Pool Lights
mControl Software to control HT lighting based on HTPC playstate (e.g. play a movie, lights go out, pause/stop and lights go back on)
Outdoor OTA HD Antenna for HTPC PVR
Intelli DoorBell (rings phone from door bell and dials cell phone for two way communication if no one answers home phone)

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Home Theatre Room

Optoma HD65
Elunevison 16:9 Cinema Grey 135 inch Fixed Frame Screen
ADA (Audio Design Associates) Cinema Rhapsody (Not sure how common ADA gear is on here?)
ADA PTM-6150 Amp
ADA PTM-6150 Amp
ADA 5.1 to 6.1
Velodyne DLS5000R
Mission 762i Speakers
Mission 735 Speakers
Mission 703 Speakers
Polk Audio CS20 Centre Channel
Lovan Rack

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Just did a major upgrade, here is what I have now:

Receiver: Onkyo TX-SR708
TV: Panasonic TC-P50G20 Plasma
PVR: Cisco 8642HD (upgrade internal HDD to 1TB)
Optimus Turntable
Slingbox PRO HD
Speakers : Paradigm Monitor 9 mains, CC-370 centre and rear, Mini monitor for surrounds, PW-2200 subwoofer
Harmony 880 remote

These items were replaced in the upgrade:
Receiver: Denon AVR-2802
TV: Philips TP3284CI CRT
DVD Player: Panasonic DVD-F65
PVR: SA 8000 SD

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basement is almost is what i added:

Epson 8500ub
DaLite JKP Affinity .9 106" Screen
Harman Kardon AVR 3600
Paradigm Monitor 7 x 2
Paradigm CC-190 x 1
Paradigm ADP-190 x 4
Paradigm DSP-3200 12" x 1
250GB PS3 Slim
250GB X360
Harmony One

and to enjoy it.....3 Palliser leather power recline HT seats! Once it is all complete i will have to post some pictures...

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Basement theatre :

Infocus X1
100" Dalite screen (4:3)
Onkyo 701 Receiver
Revel Concerta's
Hsu STF3
Sony PS3

Family Room Theatre :

Pioneer 5080 Plasma
Yamaha 6380 Receiver
Kef 5.1 on wall speakers (forget the model number)
Sony PS3
Harmony 550

Bedroom :

32" Sony XBR lcd
Sony PS3.

Whole house system :

Infinity satellites wall mounted, and Parasound in ceilings powered by Phoenix Gold SAM panel fed from upstairs Yamaha amp. Individual volume controls in each room.

All my PS3's are networked for streaming movies/music. Have 3 PSP's too, to remotely control the PS3's.


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Walls are blue; tv wall grey.
47LG55 1080P (47" LCD) with tilting/swiveling mount and LED bias lighting
Yamaha RX-V565 receiver
PS3 blue ray/media center/gaming console wired to PC for HD and media streaming
Portable 2.5" 500 GB USB drive for HD audio playback on PS3
Wii with 3rd party USB powered sensor bar (powered by TV)
Eastlink HD cable with DVR
3 X Energy Take FPS for L/C/R
4 X Energy Take LCR for surround and surround back
Monitor Audio RS-W12 sub
2 X Leather Loveseat dual recliners
Bar fridge (for some reason I can't keep it full with beer!)

More pics in my profile


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Hi folks, I am new to the forum I have been lurking for sometime now and just registered.

Here is my Equipment List...

TV: Sony KDL-40S5100

Cable/Satellite: HD PVR Scientific Atlanta 8300HD

VCR: Sony SLV-N750

Blu-ray: Sony BDP-S360

HD DVD: Toshiba A2

Media Player: WD TV Live

Power Bar/Conditioner:
Power Bar: Belkin PureAV Isolator
Power Conditioner: Belkin PureAV PF 60
UPS: Cyber Power CP425G

Receiver: Denon 2809CI

Center: Definitive Technology CLR2002
Fronts: A Definitive Technology BP2002TL
Fronts: B Quest Q660
Surround: Sony
Surround Back: Sony
Sub woofer: Sony

(I hate my Sony speakers from a HTIB but I am slowly changing them)

Consoles: PS2, XBOX 360 and Wii

Misc: HTPC/Laptop

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My Systems

Home Theatre December 2010 Family Room

TV: Sony 52" XBR 4 Wall mounted
Samsung 32" LCD TV
Receiver: Sony STR DA6400ES,6 HDMI, networked 7.1 Receiver powering side and rear speakers
MonoPrice 8 Port HDMI connected to Receiver giving 13 HDMI Ports total, all remotely controlled.
Emotiva XPA 3, 200 watts into 8 ohms powering mains and center channel
Satellite: Bell PVR 9200 with OTA capability and Digital antenna on Roof which delivers far superior HD TV signals from local channels than compressed HD Cable or HD SAT signals.
DMR: Roku Sound Bridge M2000 Wireless streaming Internet Radio
Patriot Media Box and Thermaltake HDD 2.5/3.5 " SATA Hard drive Docking Station, HDMI connected.
Net Gear NAS Box, 2- 1 Terabyte SATA Hard Drives
Networked computer system from 7 computers wirelessly, WiFi in various rooms of the house. 2 Desktops and 4 Laptops, and 1 Apple IPad and I touch ,and Blackberry Bold.
Sony TDM ip50 itouch/ipod interface for STR DA 6400es receiver
5 - 1 Terabyte Hard Drives with WMA Lossless files for 1080 p quality audio/Video Movies, Pictures, Music
Oppo 83 BluRay, CD, SuperAudio, network Player
DVD/BluRay 400 disc Jukebox Sony BDP 960
Sony BlueRay S 560
Sony DVP NS 798H DVD upconverting, Bravia Sync
DVD: Sony DVP CX995V Upconverting, 400 CD /DVD Jukebox
CD Sony CDP CX 400, 400 disc cd jukebox
CD: Sony CDP CX355, 300 CD Jukebox
Sony PS 3 Slim 120 HD
Sony PVR, DVD Recorder RDR HX 780
Cassette Tape player/recorder: Sony TCWE605X
Light Controller: X10 IR543
Speakers: 7.1 system featuring; Altec Lansing, Velencia, Voice of the Theatre, circa 1970,s, Klipsch, RC62 II, RB35, RS35, Velodyne Servo FSR15 Subwoofer
Harmony 880 Remote
Power Center: Monster HTS1000 MKII
Cabling from MonoPrice HDMI, RCA, etc.
Headphones: Sony wireless Infrared model virtual 5.1 MDR DS3000
Monoprice cat 5 splitter and point to point cat 5 to HDMI to send any signal From HT system to two other rooms HD 1080P, video and lossless sound.
Zone 2 Outdoor speaker system for Hot Tub
Four Leather swivel, rocker reclining chairs


TV Samsung Plasma 50" 8 series 1080P display
Emotiva UMC 1 Preamp
Emotiva UPA 7, 7 channell 125 Watt @ 8 ohms Power amp
Klipsch RF 82 Floor standing mains
Paradigm cc 290 Center
Klipsch synergy SS1 side and rear speakers
Sony BluRay S 560
Sony DVD DVP NS 78H player with upconversion and Bravia Sync
Patriot Media Box and Thermaltake HDD 2.5/3.5 " SATA Hard drive Docking Station
MonoPrice Cat 5/HDMI connection from HT system, connects any output from HT system, 1080P, lossless audio.
Sony I Pod Dock TDM ip50
Power Center: Monster HTS1000 MKII

Dining Room

Sony 40" 1080 P LCD TV
Sony BluRay Player
Sony DVD Player
MonoPrice Cat5/HDMI connection from HT system

Stereo Music listening System Basement

Sony STR DA 5500es 6 HDMI, Network Receiver with Preamp out
Emotiva XPA 5 - 200 Watt per channel into 8 ohms Power Amp
Thorens TD 125 turntable with SME arm and Shure V15 type II cartridge
KEF 103.5 main speakers
Klipsch RF 62II Center
Paradigm Titan bookshelf rears
Sony bluray
Sony 32" LCD

Car - Bluetooth hands free, ipod, USB connected audio Deck

A Large selection of DVD/ BluRay Music Discs, and DVD A

700 music CD's and Super Audio Discs

600 DVD Movies

Netflix streaming and internet streaming video

I have no interest in 3D TV, Very expensive, Have to wear shutter glasses at $50 - 200 a piece, narrow field of view, very little content to watch, and 20% of the population cannot see or get sick from watching and today's offerings will be obsolete in 3 years

Lots of stored legacy equipment in Garage, note to myself . . .I need to sell. . . .

All my new audio electronics bought new out of the States, online, ebay or factory direct, at huge discounts compared to Canadian Pricing. Greater than 50% savings. I just cannot any longer ignore the savings.

Technology is moving so fast that it is easy to leave a lot of $ on the table as electronics is becoming obsolete long before it fails. ie 3 - 4 year turnover.

Technology, just think where we will be in the 50 years! This is just the beginning.

Looking forward to Home LED lighting, Thin film solar panels, Electric Cars, Everything communicating wirelessly. No more wall warts. Ability to sell excess electricity back to the grid. All coming in the near future.

Wish List ML Electrostatic speaker Mains and Center

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got my room usable and have a temporary setup up going,
(need to reno a bathroom for the wife before I upgrade)

slapped it together as is with furniture and equipment I had,

room needs paint, custom cabinets for the equipment, hide all the wires in the wall, a proper bar area and sink put in where the cabinet and fridge are, trying to come up with something narrow and long to go behind the couch to replace my old kitchen table that is there now,


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I kept the living room fairly clean and simple to keep the other half happy,
manged to get the big speakers up there so I got something to wail on at partys


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Lucky Kids!

Upstairs System:

Toshiba 52" LCD
Onkyo TXsr607 Receiver
Rotel CD player
Bell 9242 HD satellite receiver
Sony BDP 550 Blu Ray Player
Paradigm DSP 3400 14" subwoofer and earthquake generator
Paradigm Monitor 9v5 towers
Paradigm cc290v5 Center
Paradigm ADP 190v5 back sides
Paradigm Titan v3 Back rear

Downstairs System

Akai Viore 42" DLP
Harman Kardon AVR 254 Receiver
NAD CD Player
Bell 9241 HD satellite receiver
Sony PS3 / PS2 /PS1
Nakamichi Cassette
Paradigm 7se V2 Mains
Paradigm ADP-70 surrounds
Paradigm CC190v5 Center
JBL es150p 10" subwoofer
JBL PB12 12" subwoofer

Music room system

Dynex 22" LCD
Technics Receiver
Technics CD
Technics Cassette
Technics Turntable
Paradigm 3se Monitors
Paradigm Titan v2 Monitors

Kid #1 room

Dynex 26" LCD
Bell Satellite
Sony AVR
Paradigm atoms v3 mains
Realistic 6" sub
JBL center and surrounds
Xbox 360
gigabit home-made gaming pc
Sager 8130 gaming laptop

Kid #2 room

Dynex 26" LCD
Bell Satellite
Pioneer VSX520 receiver
Yamaha CD
Aiwa 8" sub
Aiwa 6 1/2" bookshelves
Aiwa center and surrounds
Xbox 360
Gaming PC

Kid#3 system

Dynex 26" LCD
Bell Satellite
Gaming PC
Nintendo WII

I think I have a problem..........

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Sure! Allways room for one more... with the number of extra kids that mine bring home, I might not even notice!

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My stuff was listed in post #415. (still the same) I also have a 24" Toshiba CRT in the bedroom and an Acer desktop.

20 year old son :

32" Samsung LCD
XBOX (live)
Happauge PVR - (for games ?)
Mac desktop (with huge 27" ? monitor)
Mac laptop
Acer laptop
numerous speakers and gadgets - ipods , blackberries etc...

18 year old son :

32" Samsung LCD
XBOX (live - sometimes)
high-end Acer laptop
couple of printers
and the gadgets of course

(in all fairness both boys paid for this stuff by themselves - part time jobs).

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1 gone, three to go, with one on his way to University next fall! hmmmm what to do with another empty bedroom.....

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HaHaHa... Thanks Real Joe... I knew there was something wrong with that picture... yep, gotta set up #3! Small room... I have a spare set of Titans around... Another VSX520?

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TV is a Pioneer Elite Kuro 60"

TV stand is from sears. Cost about $1000.00, weights 3 times that of the tv. Speakers are Paradigm Monitor 7 V5, Centre is CC390. Pairs well with the Monitor 7's, I cannot see how it pairs well with the monitor 9's.

Rogers PVR 8300, with 500 Gig eHDD in Nexstar enclosure. Denon AVR 890. Oh yeah, and the wii and xbox360. Only gaming, no streaming of content.


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Oppo BDP-80 blu ray player. This was a great investment. Bought from a Canadian dealer. Charged American price, before dollar was above parity. It also handles a buttload of MKV streaming. Moving my blu ray collection to HDD for eventual whole home streaming. For something not supported, no issues what so ever. Don't mind the dust, lol.

Small part of my blu ray collection. Basically stuff watched in the last two months. lol My rear speakers are Paradigm Titans V3. Couch is real leather, 84" dual lazyboy recliners built in. My pringles are there, and my beer!

My Polk Audio sub. 400RMS, does the job perfect for movies and most audio. Not a top of the line sub by any stretch. Best bargin out of it all, $150 a future shop during a sale, bought open box, got price down to that.

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