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Whats a good edge lit LED LCD HDTV with local dimming?

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I am looking for a 40-42 inch model that's 120hz with very good response
time with minimal blur and nice contrasts. I would like brands like LG, samsung or Sony. Any recommendations, my plasma died on me and I have
1400 bucks in total for my return from FS, so I guess it would have to be in the 1200 range before taxes but I do have a 50 on me so 1250. Is samsungs 6300 LED edge lit and any good, also what about infinia's 7300?
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I will get FS to repair the plasma or exchange it, and maybe next year when prices go lower for LED's because of the 3d, The Edge lit with local dimming will be cheaper and energy efficiant. Also I don't understand why they stopped making the full array with local dimming and jacked up the price, is it because the TV has to be paper thin? I would prefer a thicker TV with full array and dimming if it's gonna give me better picture. I think The LED paper thin TV's is going to far, I mean 2 inches is good enough for a flat screen. Just imagine how easy it can be to break a paper thin LED.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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