What things in your life would you give up to keep your Internet connection?

Would you say goodbye to alcohol? Coffee? Chocolate, perhaps?

The Rogers Innovation Report released on May 9th indicates that 34 percent of online survey participants would sacrifice booze, 31 percent would give up chocolate and about 27 percent might dump coffee altogether if meant giving up the Internet.

But, as you'd expect, there are some things that we won't part with. Only six percent said they would give up sex, while just four percent would stop bathing daily or cease personal contact with other people.

Rogers and research firm Angus Reid had more on the agenda for the 1,010 randomly selected participants including connected Canadians' Internet habits, views on technology, and future expectations.

"The Internet is indispensable to us today and we have yet to see its full potential," said Robert Switzman, Senior Director Emerging Business, Rogers Communications. "From apps that monitor cholesterol to fridges that automatically order groceries, the Internet is becoming the backbone of all connections in the world around us, and will continue to evolve how we go about our daily lives."

The survey data shows that almost 8 of 10 Canadians believe the Internet allows them to connect in ways that make their lives better now, while 72 percent expect the Internet to play an increasingly important role in the next five years.

The report shows that 98 percent are using the Internet to connect with family and friends, 97 percent follow the news via the Web, with similar percentages doing their personal banking, managing finances and researching health issues while online.

There were several futuristic Internet ideas revealed in the survey, including downloading information directly into the brain, automating road traffic to eliminate the need for human drivers and virtual reality phone calls that would assimilate personal contact.

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