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What Thermal Label Printer do Purolator use.?

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I used to use the Purolator ESS System, I think it was called to ship out many hundreds of packages on an almost daily basis. It was a Puro Supplied Computer, coupled to a small Thermal Printer that used a roll of Thermal Labels. I was sure it was a Brother but I can't find any info on-line.

I tried calling Puro but they were no help at all.

Does anyone have one of these systems in their warehouse.? Can you have a look underneath and let me know Make & Model of the Printer please.

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What are you trying to do? Do you not have the Purolator system any more - if so, what is the printer going to hook up to?

If you're going to be printing hundreds of labels each day, you might want to look at something like the Zebra 105SL. It's a large metal cased printer, but is much faster and more durable than any of those little desktop printers. It will take large rolls of labels, and you can also use a wax ribbon instead of printing direct thermal - better quality labels and lower media costs.

The key is the printer make has to match the output of your software - Zebra printers use ZPL printer language, SATOs and Monarch use their own as well. Most software packages can be set to use different makes of printer for output.
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