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I just had a 20+ minute wait for a Tech Chat with Shaw and it was painful.

The guy took 20 minutes to answer (after he "arrived") if a DCT 6200 /100 or a DCT 3416 Mark I Box would work with 3D. (The Masters Golf Tourney is supposed to be on tomorrow in 3D for free!) He said he was double checking to ensure he gave me the right answer. Here's the Chat:

GoToAssist (21:08:30):
Your representative has arrived.

Jim (21:08:27):

Joel #2407 (21:08:47):
hi there.

Jim (21:08:59):
did you get my Question?

Joel #2407 (21:09:37):

Jim (21:09:47):

Joel #2407 (21:11:30):
I am double checking for you.

Jim (21:20:13):
Are you still there?

Joel #2407 (21:20:56):
I am I just want to make sure I give you the accurate information. Just double checking.
Joel #2407 (21:27:28):
Sorry for the delay. The Masters in 3d is broadcast in a format called mpeg4 and the hd terminal in question does not broadcast that format.

Jim (21:28:22):
Both the 6200 /1000 and 3416 Mark I

Joel #2407 (21:28:57):
Neither of those do.

Jim (21:29:13):
So what do I do?

Joel #2407 (21:29:36):
You need a hd terminal that broadcasts the mpg4 format.

Jim (21:30:08):
Which Shaw Boxes do that?

Joel #2407 (21:30:54):
Motorola or Pace.

Jim (21:31:24):
That's not a good answer. Both the DCT Boxes i have are Motorolla
Jim (21:32:11):
I guess I need to know which Models of Pace or Motorolla

Joel #2407 (21:32:53):

After checking the Web page I advised I couldn't afford one of those and asked if any other models would work. He stalled again and didn't answer for at least 2 minutes so I bailed. By the end I was so annoyed (I figured the Tech must be on drugs or something :eek:) I was ready to call Telus. :rolleyes:

Anyway, do you know if any older Boxes are Mpeg4 /3D capable?

(I'm still piffed at the Shaw Tech....Grrr...:mad:)

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Discussed before so please search.

All HD boxes do side-by-side 3D.

MPEG4 has nothing to do with it
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