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Looking at the recent browser releases I think the other browser vendors generally agree that Chrome 1.0 got their browser user interface right, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I think I'm going to to continue to stick with Chrome for browsing the web, and Firefox whenever I need to use Firebug.

IE9 has a few nice features that I'd like to comment on though:

- For a lot of web pages it feels at least as fast as Chrome if not faster
- The scrolling is much smoother than Chrome
- The default UI choice of having the tabs and address bar on the same line is a mistake, especially if you keep as many tabs open as I do. That said, I'm apparently unusual in my use of multiple tabs since on average people only keep one or two tabs open.

IE9's "ripping" a tab from one window and attaching it to another is much nicer than FF4's, and almost as nice as Chrome's tab handling.

When IE9 is set to "Show tabs on a different row" the address bar is above the tab. This doesn't fit my mental model of the address bar being "part" of the tab so I prefer Chrome's layout choice. I suppose IE9's layout would be better if you click on tabs more often than if you click on the address bar, but I use Ctrl-T, Ctrl-W, and Ctrl-Tab, Ctrl-Shift-Tab to manage my tabs.

IE9 doesn't have the "pinned tab" concept, but it does have the "pin site to the task bar" concept which is arguably more useful.

I think the best news is that if I worked at a company and was compelled to use FF4 or IE9, I wouldn't have a problem with it, even though I still prefer Chrome. They are all very good. Except for Safari. They're a bit behind the curve.

Oh, and the reason why I'm a little more "locked in" to Chrome is because I absolutely love the Chrome sync feature between my different computers that keeps the Chrome instances all configured the same way.
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