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I was looking at buying 2 used 6131 receivers for my new place.
I would rather do the installation of the dish so that I know how it all works, as opposed to just relying on an installer and never understanding how the whole system works.

I have installed bell single LNB dishes when I have moved houses, but have never dealt with dual LNB's or multi switches, so unsure of what I need.

What model of dish (Bell or Dish Network) would make for the easiest setup for 2 Telus 6131 receivers? Do I need a multi switch to run 2 receivers and if so what multi switch do I need.

The sticky at the top of the forum says that you can't use Bell dish with Telus receiver, however other threads seem to indicate you can.

Have heard rumors from others that installers have had to run special coaxial cable. Can someone confirm or deny this. If different coaxial is required, how do I tell if my new house (built 6 years ago) has the correct coaxial.

Thanks in advance
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