There are always interesting trends developing in Canada as far as Web use goes, as usual.

The annual comScore 2012 Canada Digital Future, released on March 1st,  shows that smartphones now account for 45 percent of the mobile market in Canada.

What province enjoys the most smartphone use? If you were thinking Ontario, that's not correct. British Columbia moved to top spot with 51 percent using smartphones - up 14 percent from last year.

Not overly surprising is that Canadians are accessing and spending most of their mobile time on news and information sites, social networks and blogs.

It's worth noting (and maybe bragging about) the fact that Canadians spend more time on the Internet than any other country in the world! Canadians average about 45 hours a month online, nearly 7 hours more than Americans, 10 hours more than the British and 20 hours ahead of the Germans.

What are Canadians doing online? Well, online video is becoming more popular with total videos viewed up 58 percent. YouTube continues to dominate the marketplace accounting for just about 1 in every 2 videos viewed in Canada.

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