This Monday, Apple announced the release of their new tablet, the iPad Pro 9.7 , along with the new iPhone .

So what, in addition to size, is the difference between it and the previous 12.9 inch iPad?

Here is an overview, as detailed by .

SIZE-Ok, so I said in additionto size, but here’s a bit about it anyways. It turns out that the iPad 9.7 is actually identical in size to the discontinued iPad Air 2. Interesting.

COLOUR-Apple’s new tablet is 25% brighter than the older version, with 3x less reflectance than most displays, resulting in much improved colour contrast and saturation.

NO 3D TOUCH-There’s still no 3D touch available in the iPad Pro 9.7 but it does have superior screen technology when compared with the iPad Pro 12.9.

MAYBE LESS PERFORMANCE POWER? The iPad Pro12.9 comes with 4 GB of RAM, and the 9.7 just 2 GB. As states, “the big question is whether this loss of power will be compensated for given the iPad Pro 9.7 drives notably less pixels than the iPad Pro 12.9”. Less multi-tasking power?

CAMERA- The iPad Pro 9.7 has a superior camera when compared to its predecessor, shooting at a higher resolution, with a larger pixel size and faster aperture.

The new iPad's video quality is also much better- but as tech writer Gordon Kelly implies by stating, “I would also suggest all tablet users do society a great favour and never use them to take photos,” use your phone for those selfies.

Likely a better choice for pics.

For more information on the iPad Pro 12.9, click here .