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Here is a quote from an article in the Buffalo News. Some of you who don't get RTV might like this.
WGRZ-TV is going to the classics next fall, with a noon-time show hosted by a woman who wasn't yet born when the series it will be carrying first aired on network television
Lydia Dominick, the former CW 23 spokeswoman, will be the host of "Lunch Time With the Classics," which will start the day after Labor Day on the NBC affiliate

The station will be carrying series from RTV (Retro Television Network), the network that airs on one of its digital channels.
The tentative Monday through Friday schedule includes episodes of "It Takes a Thief," "Emergency," "Kojak," "Dragnet" and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents."
I guess they will be using the noon timeslot for programming instead of infomercials
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