Media streamers which allow users to stream video from their personal computer to their television have been a big hit among Digital Home readers over the last few years. Perhaps the most popular and most talked about media extender was the WD TV Live media player from Western Digital.

Today, Western Digital announced its latest WD TV Live media player which offers built-in support for WiFi and, for consumers in eight countries outside of Canada, the Spotify music service.

Similar to the previous version, the device can play back digital content including photos, music, and video in virtually all popular formats and with support for different audio streams and subtitles

In addition to Spotify and WD's current content offerings, the new WD TV Live also adds the Dailymotion video service. The application offers video content from users, independent content creators and premium partners.

One significant difference with the new version is the player has only one HDMI digital connection, dropping support for older analog TVs. With the addition of built-in WiFi, users will no longer be required to hard wire the WD TV media player to their home network. For the best performance on HD Video playback, Digital Home still recommends readers connect any media streamer to their home network via Gigabit Ethernet.

The new WD TV Live player will sell for about $100.

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