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Weird problem with DSR 505

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My brother has had a DSR 505 for about 3 months and since the begining it has had a weird problem, while watching a HD channel it would have picture interferance if the washing machine was started . It was only the washer but now it seems to be anything electrical that comes on for only a short period of time. One other thing is it only happens with HD channels not SD.

Any ideas?
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125 views and no ideas? I think maybe he should just ask for a replacement.
Do know if he is using a power bar with a filter ? Or is it being plugged directly into the wall.

As far as I know he is using a powerbar but not sure about a filter.
What video outputs are you using (component or dvi)?
Try using different cables, especially if you are using component.
Try changing the output resolution of the 505 (red button under panel).
Maybe have him check to see if the 505 wall outlet is grounded.
Some power pars have a grounded light so you could try plugging one of those into the outlet to check.
I'm not an electrician but that might explain the interference.
Had that problem once video pixelated when I tured on the washer or anything with a motor a tech guy said I was using the wrong gage cable and there was signal leakage I replaced it and it stopped, you might want to look at your connections at the back of your box.
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