Illegal downloaders beware! A new website called is collecting information about what files you are downloading from file-sharing site.

The site has a database created from publicly available information which includes more than 52 million IP addresses, 110,000 torrents, and 1.9 million files. Visit the site and it will scan your IP address and inform you of what, if any, files you've downloaded.

According to TorrentFreak , who interviewed the site owners, the site was built as a wake-up call to remind people not to expect privacy on the internet.

Says the sites privacy policy page:

"Baby, this is the Internet. There is no such a thing as privacy around here. You are sitting in the privacy of your own house, clicking links, reading stuff, watching movies — it seems like you are pretty much alone. But smart nerds are watching you. They watch your every move. You are not human to them. You are a target — a consumer. And, most importantly — a potential consumer!
This magic word opens a hunt on you.

For fun, Digital Home decided to inquire about the torrenting habits at three of Canada's largest broadcast distributors. We queried the Head Office IP address of Bell Satellite, Shaw Communications and Rogers Communications and here is what we found. (an all clear means no downloading has been recorded by the website from that IP address)

Bell Satellite Head Office

Shaw Communications (All Offices)

Rogers Communications Head Office


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