Monocle Solutions has introduced a plug-and-play product that eliminates the need for employers to block websites and puts web management in employee hands.

The Toronto-based software firm's Web Monocle solution allows employees to manage their own online behavior without compromising privacy, while providing business owners the ability to review workers’ web activities.

John Madden, Web Monocle CEO, believes the software may potentially alter a company's management approach based on the information it provides.

Madden says: "Our goal is to make this software very simple to use, it’s a two minute installation that does not require any additional IT hardware or support. Rather than spying on employees or blocking websites, Web Monocle tackles the problem of productivity by empowering employees to make their own decisions online, and it allows them to self-review through weekly reports."
An employee is given a simple choice when they visit a website for the first time: Work or Personal; upon reevaluation the employee can track their Internet usage and see how much personal or work-related browsing occurs on company time.

Both employees and managers receive weekly reports outlining most visited websites and viewing trends broken down by category.

For example, Facebook and Twitter may be good marketing tools for the Public Relations group, however, excessive use of these sites may not be suitable for the Engineering department.

Monocle Solutions says the software accurately tracks an individual’s web usage, disregarding any idle time spent on websites. It also works in combination with an Internet Usage Policy, which the company will provide free of charge on their website .
A mobile application of Web Monocle and a home edition are both currently in production.

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