CentriLogic has boosted the cloud hosting services it provides from its Canadian and US-based data centres.

The company's enhanced International multi-zone Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Cloud offering is designed to support enterprise clients with heavier data requirements as well as addressing cross-border regulatory and compliance concerns arising from legislation including PIPEDA and the US Patriot Act.

CentriLogic CEO, Robert Offley elaborates: "CentriLogic’s enterprise-class cloud offering places us in a unique position relative to existing webscale cloud services from providers like Amazon and Rackspace Hosting due to its hybrid hosting and cross-border capabilities. Our hybrid approach addresses requirements from new and existing customers to combine cloud services with existing physical hosting environments within our international data centres, ensuring a smooth migration of their enterprise-class workloads to the cloud.”

The company's strength is combining elements of physical Web hosting, virtual hosting, and managed services and creating a flexible hybrid solution geared towards a client's application and workload requirements. By facilitating a gradual migration path to the cloud, customers can connect their current Web hosting infrastructure to the CentriLogic cloud within the same data centre.

Offley adds that CentriLogic’s international cloud solution has been deployed on Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache Cloudstack, and provides customers with on-demand, self-service computing capabilities via a custom web portal and robust web-based API.

Customers using the new cloud service may select from a list of geographically-bound availability zones located within CentriLogic’s Canadian and US data centres to make sure company data does not reside outside of a specific privacy jurisdiction.

CentriLogic plans to launch a similar UK-based cloud service this summer.

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