Google's Chrome web browser continued to gain market share on the desktop at the expense of Internet Explorer and Firefox in August 2011 according to recent figures published by NetMarketshare.

Total worldwide browser usage in August 2011 for Chrome was 15.51%, up 2.02% from July and more than double the 7.72% recorded in the same month of 2010.

Internet Explorer remained the browser of choice on the desktop with a 55.31% share, down significantly from 62.17% in August 2010. Firefox was the second most popular browser in August with a 22.57% share, down from 23.56% in the same month a year earlier.

The following chart from NetMarketShare show the changes in the last year.

August 2011

August 2010

NetMarketShare updates Share Methodology

In addition to announcing the latest web browser shares, NetMarketShare also announced significant changes to the way it reports web browser shares.

In the past, all browser, operating system and search engine reports used to display share across all device categories. Starting in August, Netmarketshare now reports shares by specific device categories (desktop, mobile/tablet).

The firm says the combination of mobile and tablet usage continues to rise and is now over 6% of all browsing on the internet. Because of this rise, the firm says mixing the device types reduced the value of their data hence the research firm is now splitting the fugures out by technology.

Mobile / Tablet Browser Share

The top browser among Mobile and Tablet users in August was Apple's Safari with a 52.99% market share followed by Opera Mini and the Android Browser.

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