Western Digital (WD), the world's second largest maker of computer hard drives, annouced today that it's now shipping 450GB and 600GB versions of its VelociRaptor hard drives which use a 6Gbit/second SATA interface.

Spinning at 10,000 RPM, the 2.5 inch SATA drives are high performance drives typically used in professional situations or high performance home computers where performance is considered more important than price.

WD says the new drives have double the capacity of their predecessors and deliver a 15% performance increase without consuming any additional power.
For situations where heat is a significant issue, the company will also be selling the drive in a an IcePak enclosure (seen here) that fits in a 3.5 inch chasis.

The 450GB and 600GB WD VelociRaptor 2.5-inch hard drives will be available later this quarter for $299 and $329 USD respectively.

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