Earlier this month, Facebook launched a new online initiative in an effort to provide all people with the opportunity to learn about computer science and programming. The resource hub is called TechPrep, and according to the massive social networking site, it is a place where “underrepresented people and their parents and guardians can learn more about computer science and programming and find resources to get them started.”

Why the new online project?

Facebook states that, after conducting research in the US, it was found that many Black and Hispanic
people feel confident that they would be good at working with computers, but that a majority of the parents surveyed in this group do not know how they can help their child to pursue computer science.

The stats say, of the people surveyed 50% of Blacks and 42% of Hispanics said they would be good at working with computers, but 77% of the parents in these groups didn’t know how to help.

This gap, it states, could be a large deterrent in getting children from these groups to pursue computer science, as parents or guardians were found to be a primary motivator for continuing learning. And so, in comes TechPrep.

The online initiative is really open for use by anyone, and consists of a website with resources on how to find courses, organizations, community events, books, scholarships and predictions about future job markets, all related to programming.

Resources are divided by age, and into two different categories for parents and kids.

While originally targeted to communities in the US, as stated, it can be a valuable resource for anyone and everyone interested in learning more about coding.

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