The all-new Apple TV is now available in Canada. Unlike the old version, the new TV streaming service features an iPhone-like app store that lets you choose your own streaming service, with the ability to customize the service with your favourites.

It remains unclear whether viewers will be able to stream from Amazon and Google Play, but major services like Google’s YouTube are expected on Apple TV. The viewing catalog includes iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, HBO and Showtime, with more to come.

A definite advantage to having Apple TV is that it comes with Siri as a virtual assistant, allowing users to search the viewing catalog with voice commands.

The video quality is full high definition at 1080p. Inconveniently, there is no headphone jack, for those still going old-school on the listening, but rather wireless headphones can be used for personal viewing.

In a downplay, some critics say that Apple TV just brings your phone onto your TV screen. “Think of Apple’s fourth-generation box as a way to turn your TV into a giant iPhone," writes Geoffrey Fowler for The Wall Street Journal . The upside to this is that, while it isn’t revolutionary, is that the service can be as easy to use as tapping and navigating your iPhone.

The gaming on the new Apple TV is said to be good. It's on par with the Nintendo Wii U, The New York Times' Brian X. Chen writes: "Some of the casual games seemed to compete directly in Nintendo’s sweet spot: lightweight, family-friendly gaming."

But is the new service for everyone? advises that people should buy the Apple TV if they're "looking for a fun casual game system or companion for your other Apple products."

Apple TV is available in Canada for $199 for the 32 GB model, or $269 for a version with extra storage at 64 GB. Apple will still sell the old version for $89.