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The movie Wall Street 2 has been out at the theatres for a little while now ... I have been looking forward to see it ... and now I have.

First, in preparation I re-watched Wall Street, the original - before going to see Wall Street 2. That was a good idea. I recommend see the original movie beforehand.

I enjoyed Wall Street 2. Thought it was a great movie.

Followed well on the original. Liked the story and the themes presented.

Seemed REAL. Dealing with REAL issues.

There seemed to be some things in the movie that were parallel with some things actually going on in the real life of Actor Michael Douglas. I think this added real signifigance to the movie.

I really enjoyed the movie Wall Street 2 and can give a personal recommendation.

If you liked Wall Street 1 - the original - go see Wall Street 2.

My best regards to all the Actors / Actresses and everyone involved with the movie.

Thank you for the excellent work creating this movie. I was well entertained.
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