According to a report from Reuters, Wal-Mart Stores in the United States has being rolling out a new home installation service for televisions, home theatres and computers.

The company began rolling out the service early in October and says it will be available through all U.S. stores in time for the holiday season.

The services offered will be similar to those currently offered by big box retailers such as Best Buy.

To deliver its service, Wal-mart has partnered with N.E.W. Customer Service Companies Inc., which has a network of 11,000 certified installers. The service, which includes a preliminary consultation and a tutorial after installation is completed, will cost between $100 and $400. Typical services include television installation, home theatre setup, wireless router setup or the setting up of a home office computer.

“It’s an affordable and simple solution, and a real benefit to our customers,” said a Wal-Mart spokesperson.

No word on any plans for a similar service in Canada.