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VSX-520 + PS3 + Optical: Strange Clipping

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Having a strange issue with a new amp. Went from a Quest amp that died to a Pioneer VSX-520. Hooked up the same way, using an optical cable. Everything is working great except for one small thing.

When in the main crossbar of the PS3, normally there is a sound effect that plays when you switch between options, and otherwise, it is silent. If I wait a second, and then try to move between options, the amp won't play the first 1 or 2 sound effects. It's almost as if the optical goes into sleep mode, and then has to "wake-up" to play the sounds. The only problem, is this happens after like, 1 second, so it's constantly omitting these effects. I've tested hooking up the ps3 using analog inputs, and this doesn't happen. It also didn't happen with my Quest amp (not that I'm saying the Quest amp was better...).

It's not really a huge problem, but I'm worried that anything else that starts to play after a tiny delay of silence, might also be clipped at the beginning by a half-second or so. Unless of course most signals would be sending some sort of data during silence to prevent this from happening?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I have the VSX-816 with a similar setup and have noticed the same clipped or delayed response in the audio when moving between options in the PS3. Video is through HDMI from the PS3 directly to the LCD TV. Audio is through optical from the PS3 to the receiver.

However, when streaming audio or video from my PC to the PS3, I have not noticed any initial clipping in the sound.

Maybe it's a quirk in the Pioneer receivers' handling of the audio signal through optical? Until reading your post, gukid, I thought this was normal behaviour. It hasn't bothered me in the past and probably won't in the future as any music or video played from the PS3 (directly from or streamed through) doesn't suffer from any initial clipping.

Don't know if this is of any help; just thought I'd share my experience.
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