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Voice Recongnition System

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Good Day All:
I have just started reading and learning about home automation. I am becoming quite obsessed with it and really can't wait to start my own home automation project. But I want to make sure that I do it right the first time.
Through my readings and searching I have found a couple of sites / post about people’s voice controlled systems but they are all 4 to 5 years old.

Is there anyone out there that is currently using or setting up a voice controlled system?

I am would like to setup a complete home automation system lights, audio, TV, security, monitoring, phones, HVAC, all voice controlled running from a Linux environment.

Any suggestions, comments, pointers, ideas would be great.

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Though perhaps not necessarily helpful for you right now, I've heard of people using Siri (the voice control in the iPhone iOS 5) to control their home automation systems. This is definitely in its infancy, but perhaps people will build a product out of it. I saw a demo on Engadget of a guy controlling his thermostat and it worked really well. Voice control is definitely getting better so I think a valuable voice controlled home automation product is just around the corner.
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