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If you're only looking for a voice and not data plan this is not a bad deal. Telus' data service is poor in the city and non-existent outside of Winnipeg.

FYI In Winnipeg Telus has their own towers, outside of the city they use MTS's CDMA towers, so essentially you are getting similar service to MTS customers. However with MTS moving to their shared HSPA with rogers soon, I am not too sure what Telus will do when MTS starts decommissioning their CDMA towers... I am not sure if the rogers/MTS deal is exclusive or if Telus will be able to negotiate a roaming agreement on the new HSPA network...regardless I think this is still quite a few years away.

I was with Telus for 2 years on their amazing super talk 15 plan, the only reason I left is because I got a company phone. Other than the occasional reception issues (which I have with MTS as well) I didn't have any issues with Telus.

If you don't want data, I think this plan's costs is definitely reasonable!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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