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I have VLC for 1.1.0 on my kids iPod touches , works well - but no dialog is present on a number of movies that are not 2 channel audio.

Any recommendations of a simple program to re-encode to 2 channel? I would like to leave all video as is, just change the audio. Since this seems to me like re-encoding anyway I may just change the format:

Conversion Options:
1. convert to MP4 (H264 + AAC) so that they be played by iPod, Xbox 360, computer - can leave audio as is

2. re-encode to 2 channel and leave as DivX - play with VLC on iPod, still fine for Xbox as well

3. Wait for update to VLC app to handle audio... (doesn't help for the long bus trip in 4 days!).

Any other options from those that know better than me? I am using Format Factory for converting, 5 or 2 channel is not a big deal as most playback is from laptop, zune, iPod over headphones.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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