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VLC 1.1.0 for iPod Touch - 5 channel audio

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I have VLC for 1.1.0 on my kids iPod touches , works well - but no dialog is present on a number of movies that are not 2 channel audio.

Any recommendations of a simple program to re-encode to 2 channel? I would like to leave all video as is, just change the audio. Since this seems to me like re-encoding anyway I may just change the format:

Conversion Options:
1. convert to MP4 (H264 + AAC) so that they be played by iPod, Xbox 360, computer - can leave audio as is

2. re-encode to 2 channel and leave as DivX - play with VLC on iPod, still fine for Xbox as well

3. Wait for update to VLC app to handle audio... (doesn't help for the long bus trip in 4 days!).

Any other options from those that know better than me? I am using Format Factory for converting, 5 or 2 channel is not a big deal as most playback is from laptop, zune, iPod over headphones.
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Try Handbrake:

Works for my Zune and blackberry too.
I understand VLC may get pulled from the app store.

In any event, the freebie VirtualDub PC app should be able to leave the video alone and just process the audio from 5.1 AC-3 to stereo MP3 (for example).

Personally, I like MediaEspresso because it's optimized to use multiple CPU cores if you have them - not sure if can only work on the audio only though.
Thanks, VirtualDub seems to be good so far - once I found the batch processing. Definitely very fast, audio sync seems good as well.
The PC version has the option to downmix to stereo. Does the Touch app? Or is it an AC-3 codec issue on the Touch (i.e. DD2.0 does not work either)?
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