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Vista: Deleted folder keeps reappearing

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Can you tell it's my first time with this new O/S :)

I created a folder on the desktop to store some temp. pictures and such. Now I'm done with it, and I deleted that folder.

Problem is that everytime the computer boots up again, that file is back. I can't erase that dumb file! It's like a ghost in the machine or something.

Any thought??
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Could be a corrupted user profile, try on a new user account, or a group policy setting.
Go into the trash and delete it permanently?
Or try deleting the files in the folder separately.
Hmmm.... Right-click on the Windows Explorer menu item and select "Run as administrator", then find the folder in Explorer and delete it from there.
Sorry guys. I made a joke here yesterday that obviously didn't go over well. My apologies. :(
Try with Shift-Del. It will bypass the recycling bin and directly delete it.
I've tried everything exept the administrator one...

But there are no files in the folder. It just sits there empty. It is REALLY wierd.
I would think that if you open a command line terminal as adminstrator you should be able to permanently delete the file. To open as administator, go to "Start", then enter "cmd", but instead of pressing "enter", press Control+Shift+Enter. Then the command line terminal will open with administrator privileges. You should then be able to delete the folder.
I will try that. Thanks.
Again, it's just really wierd. There must be a program somewhere that keeps re-making a new folder in that name. I've never come across it before. I'll try again tonight.
Sometimes it works if you rename it, and then try deleting it.
Update....tried renaming it and deleting it, didn't work. I try the "log as administrator" but can't seem to figure it out. I CAN'T GET RID OF THIS FILE????

I must be stupid. Can someone give me a more step by step procedure of how to delete this dumb folder!!
Something is re-creating this folder when you boot up. I'd look at all the softwares you have that are set to start with Windows. One of them is causing this.
Something is re-creating this folder when you boot up. I'd look at all the softwares you have that are set to start with Windows. One of them is causing this.
To add on MarcP's reply, you can verify this by starting Windows Vista in a clean boot mode. This will stop your programs/services from starting. See the link here for the steps on how to perform a clean boot:
Once you've managed to delete the folder, then restart Windows. Once you've confirmed the folder has been deleted, restart Windows in Normal mode. See again the same link. If the folder comes back, then you will know that another application is recreating the folder. If this is the case let me know and I step you into how to detect what application is the culprit.
Autoruns from the SysInternals tools is an excellent tool to see what is set to start with your Windows.
Thanks...I will spend the weekend trying to figure this one out.

I appreciate the replies so far!!
toybox, are you logged on as an administrator when you delete it?
I don't know why I'm such a boob with this. I tried to log on as an administrator but the option isn't there. I tried to run the "command prompt" as administrator but don't know how to delete the file from that prompt.
The file just keeps coming back.
After you have opened up the command prompt AS ADMINISTRATOR (as I explained earlier), you should see the C> prompt.

At the prompt, use the command

rd (yourfoldernamehere)
toybox, do the best you can with the good advice here, but if worst comes to worst keep in mind the dozens of computer shops on Bridgeport Way in Richmond between Shell Road and the highway to Knight Street. You might be able to get a free look at the problem, hopefully.
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