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Vista 64 wifi device driver signing trouble solution?

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I have had vista 64 drop the device driver for my belkin wireless pci card driver on three occasions...even though the driver is signed! Very maddening to say the least.

If I go into my boot options and boot with device driver signing turned off then the card works so it is windows puking on the belkin driver...which works just fine.

Maybe someone out there will know if this hack might do the trick and turn off driver signing permanently as I do not intend to change my hardware anytime soon and apart from the wifi driver all the other drivers are just fine.

Type cmd in the Search Box included in the Vista Start menu. Next, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open a command prompt window with elevated privileges. Then enter bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS in order to disable driver signing and reboot.

I really do not think there should be any real security issues with turning the driver signing off. It is a real pita having our computer network crapping out regularly when my wife wants to do her work.
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I don't anticipate any long term problems with turning it off. I am surprised that it makes a difference once the driver is installed though. I was always under the impression that the verification was only done when the driver was installed, not every time it's loaded.

Have you considered upgrading to Windows 7? I have upgraded a number of systems with intermittant WiFi problems and they have been trouble free since moving to 7.
The system integrity checks happen on a schedule!

I thought that integrity checks passed after you accepted the driver the first time as well.

Turns out that Vista does periodic system integrity after you install Microsoft Security (the ms av software). Which, my being a cheapskate and hating paying for ridiculous AV software every year, I was stupid enough to do.

I was wrong the driver from Belkin is in the process of being circumcised for Windows use and does not have cert yet..though it is just fine and uses the ubiquitous Atheros chipset ndis and driver!

So "my bad" I should just run out and buy some more security software that has tech support, so I can be secure on the net!....Or better still dump Windows completely before the roof comes crashing down on i386 16 bit MSDOS emulation:rolleyes:
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