A new option is now available to consumers looking for Internet services in Ontario. Virgin Mobile Canada is now offering two new home Internet plans. The plans are not available everywhere, but Virgin has an online tool for consumers to check the availability at their address.

Plans include 300 GB for $50 per month and an unlimited plan at $65 per month.

Interested customers will need to purchase a Virgin Mobile modem with WiFi download speeds of 25 megabits/second and 10 Mbits/s for uploads.

Virgin is offering the service with no activation or installation fees attached to either plan, and no long term contracts, unlike the plans of some other major competitors.

Virgin Mobile customers can also receive ‘Member Benefits’ for free. As Virgin states on their site, “The second you get hooked up with a Virgin Mobile phone or SIM card you become a Member, easy as that. Members get exclusive offers, a shot at VIP access, and one-of-a-kind experiences.”

Those with Virgin Internet only have access to some member benefits, but not all. Benefits include discounts at H & M, deals on flights, hotels and new cars, as well as chances to win movie and concert tickets.

For more information, visit Virgin Mobile online .