In an email to Prepaid Montly Plan customers this week, Virgin Mobile has informed customers that effective June 7th, the default rate will thirty five cents per minute. Previously the company had placed customers on the $1 per day Evening and Weekends plan.

Heres the details from the Virgin site.
Starting on June 7, 2010, if you're on the $40, $30, or $20 (Evenings & Weekends) Prepaid Monthly Plan and don't have enough funds in your account on your monthly anniversary date to pay for your plan, we'll put you on the 35¢/minute plan instead of the $1/day Evenings and Weekends plan.

Also, the 30-day switchback is going unlimited. That means that if we move you to the 35¢/minute plan, all you need to do is top up with enough funds to cover your plan charges and we’ll switch you back to your chosen plan no matter how long it’s been since you fell off it. It's also a great idea to hook up preauthorized payments to make sure that your account is always topped up before your monthly anniversary date.
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