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Viewsonic - Everything has yellow tint??

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Viewsonic VT2430. Wife turned the set on and it had a message No Signal. as she couldn't get the input entered correctly she went into the diagnostic mode.

We now have TV but everything has the appearance as though there is a yellow filter on it. The channel banner, from Shaw should have a blue theme but now has a yellowish green.

We have the set plugged into an HD Shaw Box but I have removed it from the 'loop' and plugged directly into the Shaw coax with the same results so it would appear to be a TV set problem.

I tried to go into the diagnostic menu, recalled Memory and selected Yes to return the set to the defaults however there has been no change in the picture color.

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Unplug the TV overnight to see if it'll "reset". Here's a list of things to check.

Do you have a DVD player or something else you can connect to another input on the TV to see?

If you're talking about the "service mode", then something may have been changed there... See the following FAQ on that and heeding warnings about service mode adjustments..
Thanks for the prompt reply 57. Ok....I tried a movie via a different input through the AV and the picture is fine so it would appear 'somehow' the input for both my component video cables and the coax from the cable provider has gone sour within the TV.

Now the question is whether those inputs within the TV have a hardware problem or is it something that can be remedied through a configuration. It seems too coincidental that the problem presented after my wife played with the remote etc (also in the diagnostic menu) while trying to get the correct input.

I did go into the diagnostic menu and there did not appear to be any options for making changes to the input details.

I also followed the instructions for a hard reset to purge the capacitors in both the TV and remote to put it back to factory default without any success.
If after unplugging overnight the issue continues, I guess you can either use another input, or call for service.
Well no change after leaving it unplugged so I guess, somehow, the inputs just relating to a TV signal are affected. Part of me still thinks that it was a config setting my wife changed while in the diagnostic menu....accidentally of course.

Too bad the HD shaw box doesn't have an HDMI port to try with the TV.

Oh well....time to move on.
component video cables and the coax from the cable provider
Component input does not work.
Composite input works?
S-Video works?
Coax input does not work.

selected Yes to return the set to the defaults
Unfortunately if she changed the color factory levels this will be stored in NVRAM so a power cycle would not remedy the problem. Otherwise you would have to calibrate your TV after a power failure.

For example, my old TV allowed me to set to gain and cut values for R, G and B in the diagnostic menu. This was in addition to the normal color balancing functions and presets.

I suggest you enter the normal settings menu and disable the color presets. Usually they call it "custom". Then see if you can move the colors back to normal (using TINT and COLOR controls). If yes then try to get your default diagnostic values set back to normal.
Thanks Jake I'll give it a try..however one follow up question. Do these color adjustments effect a TV input signal only or would they effect any displayed picture? When I connected a video player via a normal yellow video rca jack the colors on the movie were correct without any yellow tint at all

The yellow appears to be limited to the TV signal. whether supplied by component cables or direct coax. But also. when the tv input cables are attached, if I go into the shaw digital box menu via the box not the remote the background screen also has the yellow appearance. This is the menu screen where you can changed aspect ratio, close caption. More a DOS like screen with text

Confused yet? :)
Depends on the TV. Some may be by input, some may be by input format for example 480i, 720P, 1080i...

If it's possible to decypher the service menu settings, you might be able to change them back (the ones that got changed - at least in the ballpark). It may also be possible to reset these to "factory" settings, although they may then only be in the ballpark, because these are often set to different settings before leaving the factory, as outlined in the FAQ. Good Luck.
I tried a movie via a different input through the AV
Use the same input for testing. If the two devices suffer then it is the display. Next connect your Shaw box to another TV coax input and see if the color tint follows. If yes then the Shaw box is the problem.
Both input from the shaw box and the shaw coax out of the wall presents the same problem. I did put a different tv in the loop there without any problems.

Good thing is.....I went on line to seek any support Viewsonic might offer and got on an On Line Tech chat. Extremely helpful however I had already tried every suggestion the rep suggested.

When I told her the tv was only 3 weeks out of warranty she arranged for an RMA. While they won't replace the set they will spring for a one time repair and pay for the return shipping. (Vancouver back to Victoria).

If the unit cannot be repaired though they will ask if I want it back or to just trash it at the repair facility in Vancouver.

I'll ship it off in the next few days and 'hopefully' when it returns I'll post the findings if they share it with me.

I hope it's is watchable as it's only a bedroom tv but I would like the 'yellow filter' gone.
While they won't replace the set
More landfill material. That is too bad. And only 3 weeks late. I would have pushed back a bit. At least they will try to repair it. How many days did you spend trouble-shooting this before coming to the conclusion it was bad? If the TV is not repairable you could use another input like s-video or composite.

Did you by chance use a credit card that adds an extra year of coverage?
No to the CC purchase as it was at Costco etc. I agree about the landfill comment. I'm hoping that it's something they can fix but I bet Viewsonic will have a ceiling on how much the repair facility can bill back etc. Nonetheless, it'll be there on Monday and hopefully they'll get to it in a week.

I'll take it back before I let them dump it. It was watchable, as a bedroom set or even as a PC monitor etc.

I'll keep my fingers crossed and will also be interested in their diagnosis.
Did you ever try getting Shaw to swap your boxes for new ones? I'm wondering if an incompatability issue popped up out of the blue. I'd try that when you eventually get your set back, if they can't fix the issue or don't find a problem on their end.
The Verdict is In

Ok, when we last left off I shipped the TV off to Eltek in Vancouver from Victoria last Thursday for RMA warranty that Viewsonic offered 3 weeks past warranty expiration.

Armed with the tracking number I saw that the set was delivered to Eltek on
Monday at 9:40 in the morning.

Today I get a postal slip for a parcel pickup at the local postal outlet. Much to my shock, it's the TV back!!

They obviously received it and looked at it the same day. The tech set up the TV and saw the same anomaly that I was seeing.

He reflashed the set with a new version Firmware, rebalanced the white and voila.......perfect picture again.

Very happy. I called and spoke to the manager at Eltek to pass on my compliments for their customer service and copied them with the email I sent to Viewsonic thanking them for honoring an expired warranty.

While a frustrating experience with the initial TV problem the remedy was pleasant from beginning to end.

Thanks for your input guys....

PS- to the last poster who commented about trying a different shaw box...I had said in an earlier post that the problem was still there when the shaw box was removed and I used a direct coax connection from the wall/street. Thanks all the same though...
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Wow good news. Do you think it was just the white balance (which I have never heard of before, in TVs)?
No idea Jake....I googled to death trying to find some other service adjustments other than going into the diagnostic menu without success.

Just happy it's back... ;)
White balance makes sense since in photography messing with the white balance will cast a hue (orange, yellow, blue).
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