Samsung and Videotron have announced an agreement which would see Videotron become the first cable company in Canada to offer "True2Way" service using Samsung's multi-room Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Details of when Videotron would begin offering the new Samsung devices with True2Way technology were not announced.

"We are committed to meeting growing consumer needs for personalized media by offering Tru2Way-enabled devices," said Daniel Proulx, senior vice president Engineering at Videotron.

Tru2Way is the brand name for middle technology that can be embedded into televisions, set-top boxes, digital video recorders and other devices. Based on Java technology, it enables cable companies to develop interactive TV guides, video-on-demand, games and other interactive applications.

Tru2Way was developed by CableLabs, an industry trade group which was responsible for the failed CableCard initiative.

The Tru2Way technology has been trialed in the United States and in June 2008, six U.S. cable companies signed a "binding" memorandum of understanding to have all of their digital cable systems ready for Tru2way by July 1, 2009, however none of the cable systems that signed the agreement had rolled out Tru2way by the agreed upon date.

Recently, at a Cable conference in Denver, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications, did say they would complete their Tru2Way rollout by the end of 2009. At the same conference, Canada's largest cable provider, Rogers Cable stated they were not interested in the Tru2way platform because it is not based on open standards.

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