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Last night while watching TV through our Rogers SA 4250HD the picture would go black for a second or 2. The sound stayed on. This would happen on all channels. Also, I could see the signal display on our AVR (Yammi 863) flash. Components are connected via HDMI.
After a couple hours of this, I called Rogers. The rep suggested the HDMI cables were to blame and that I should switch to the component cables that came with the STB. Even though the box is HDMI capable. I tried this. It did not solve the problem. So I called Rogers again. This time the rep suggested I reboot, (unpug for a 10 count) the box. I did. And It worked.
In both cases the rep said that the signal I was getting to the box was fine.
I have read a few threads about this similar issue. Cleaning & checking cable connections and rebooting seem to be the only answers.
Are there other solutions or ways to avoid this from happening in the first place?
btw... great forum!
Thanks all.
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