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My son also wanted to capture his PS3 gameplay but hasn't asked for edit capability yet.

You should be able to keep you HDMI connection and add a second component/optical audio path, but you will likely need to manually set the PS3's output each time you want to change.
I can confirm the manual change of output. I have a computer, pvr, and PS3 connected to receiver, which in turn connects to the tv. The hdpvr is connected to the computer which is running with dual monitors (the tv is one of the monitors).

During game capture the source is the computer, while the regular game play's source is the PS3.

I showed my son how to switch the PS3's outputs and the receiver inputs. Now he does it all himself, including uploading the result to youtube.

And I am also not 100% sure that you can use the HDMI and component outputs simultaneously from a PS3.
I agree as you tell the PS3 which output you're using and I assume the non-active connection would be dark.
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