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You can use the Hauppauge HD PVR to do this. I have one but don't use it for this particular function (so I can't answer all of your questions). The price is around $240 so it would fit into your range.

The HD PVR connects to your PC via USB. It does come with capture software which should be sufficient for basic video editing. You would need to connect the component cables from your PS3 to the HD PVR box component in, and the component out connections to your tv/receiver. It has optical in/outs as well.

You should be able to keep you HDMI connection and add a second component/optical audio path, but you will likely need to manually set the PS3's output each time you want to change.

The HD PVR just does the encoding and has no local hard drive storage, so you must have you laptop connected the entire time.

Have a look at the Hauppauge website under support and then the HD PVR area. There is a FAQ that will answer some of your other questions. (Also they have a section on setting up the PS3).
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