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I am not sure that the software that comes with the HD-PVR will allow you to do editing. The HD-PVR creates H.264 files which are not that widely suported by video editing programs so you might have to buy software like VideoReDo TV Suite which at least has a beta version that supports H.264 files.

And I am also not 100% sure that you can use the HDMI and component outputs simultaneously from a PS3. The HD-PVR has a passthrough so you might have to connect component cables from the PS3 to HD-PVR and then another set of component cables from HD-PVR to TV. The reason I say this is that the SA cable boxes will not simultaneously output to both HDMI and component.

The other way to do this, although the quality will suffer, is to simply use a camcorder to film the TV while playing - but you may have already tried this.

If you don't mind giving up HD then pretty much any TV tuner product with a s-video input will work and software like Windows Movie Maker should work as your editor since the files created will be in MPEG-2 format. That solution will cost you $50 or less as opposed to $300 for the HD option. But it would be better if you used a desktop PC since most capture devices are PCI or PCIe based.
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