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Video Camcorder question

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Hi guys,

Bought a JVC Everio gz-hm440 camcorder recently that takes sdhc cards for recording, no built in HD here. I took my toddler out to the museum yesterday and tried the camcorder out for the 1st time.

I did read the quick start manual and bought a 32gb card for the cam which is 1080p by the way. I recorded for like 2hrs, pausing now and again and closing the camera, but when I did a play back this morning, I only have the first 2mins broken into 6 thumbnails.....

Anyone know what happened here and why is the video not continuous and just 1 recording?

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Newer camcorders create separate files each time you pause recording. It would require a fair bit of processing power to stitch two recordings together (more than a camcorder would probably have) it's not like linear tape.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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