Vancouver-based Roam Mobility is launching a self-activating SIM card that delivers full service within minutes of purchase.

Beginning on Nov. 19th, Canadian travelers looking to reduce roaming charges when in the US, can use the Ready SIM cards with 3, 7, 14, or 30 days of unlimited nationwide talk and text, and data at very competitive rates.

"This is the first truly instant prepaid SIM-based product to hit the consumer market," says Emir Aboulhosn, Founder and SVP Business Development of Roam Mobility.

He continues: "Every other mobile service can require a complicated paper work and dealer activation process, but with Ready SIM, you just pop it in your phone, text us your zip code, and you've got instant access and a local number with affordable, unlimited nationwide talk and text, with 4G data add-ons."

Ready SIM is also suited to those not looking to commit to a specific provider or a long-term plan and others who prefer not to share their personal information.

Aboulhosn says it's ideal for those who don't want to use their primary number when posting to Craigslist, social media, dating sites, or conducting job searches.

Ready SIM is helpful to international travelers who want to avoid excessive roaming rates, notes Aboulhosn, and for corporate clients who need to provide an instant mobile solution for short-term projects and teams.

Ready SIM works with any unlocked mobile phone, connecting users to a nationwide talk, text and data network, including 4G access, across the US. The card even allows data tethering, which turns any smartphone into a mobile hotspot that can connect other devices to each other and to the Internet for no extra charge.

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