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I have the (free) 3CXPhone app (installed on my Nexus One) setup with my credentials for the occasional outbound call, which I do over wi-fi. These calls are accommodated via a sub-account.

Assuming you have the hardware/software, the option to route incoming calls over VoIP will depend on either i) your carrier allowing SIP/VoIP calls over 3G or ii) your proximity to a wi-fi connection.

The former is a prerequisite for taking calls while mobile. In the latter case, having wi-fi constantly enabled in the phone drains the battery and would be best reserved for environments where the phone is cradled (charger).

Direct inbound calls (i.e. those not rerouted from your account) would require a dedicated DID. If your carrier allows VoIP over 3G, you're good to go, as long as you have the data plan to support your calling habits.
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