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Well, I added a third CIS430 PVR today without a tech. I am not going to act like it was easy. It took 68 minutes rotting on hold and several transfers.

Optik CSR -> Loyalty -> Optik Tech -> Loyalty

That is the beauty of buying your equipment outright and not being on a contract / term / promotion. I kept it cordial, but stated politely that I wanted to cancel if TELUS couldn't bend its policy. The first Loyalty rep said no problem, but a tech would need to roll if it didn't work. I agreed to that compromise. She (Loyalty) transfered me to a tech who didn't have the means to do it (add another box). If I'm not mistaken, and please correct me TELUS employees, but plain ol' CSRs are the only ones who have the means to generate the activation code. I take that back, the second Loyalty rep created two codes, first a CIS330 (incorrectly), and then one for the CIS430 PVR when I reminded him. Waited ten minutes, entered the code, and now I have a third PVR up and running. My usual disclaimer, the new CIS430 is acting as a set-top box only without the extended PVR recording features.

People need to be careful about buying Optik TV equipment from retailers because the device serial number does not match the one printed on the box it's packaged in. What I mean is that if you need to return an Optik box to BB or FS, they will check the serial number on the unit and try to match it with the packaging, and they won't match. I think TELUS got these from CISCO, made a tech flash TELUS firmware (branding) on the devices, and they threw the receivers in whatever box was laying around near them. I noticed this on my first two PVRs and when I bought the third recently, I opened it at FS (prior to leaving), and made the clerk notate on the receipt that the serial numbers did not match.

As far as using TELUS as your ISP, better customer service (100% Canadian based) is available elsewhere, like TekSavvy. Also, why compete with the set-top boxes for bandwidth, which results in lower net speeds.
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