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Used wrong Bravia Firmware to update. Any solutions?

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I have a Sony Bravia KDL-40S5100 and always did my firmware updates without any problems... Except yesterday when I flashed the wrong firmware (KDL-40V5100). :(

Now, when I turn on the TV, it turns itself off after 3 seconds without anything onscreen, except for the Bravia logo for 1 second.

Of course, i've tried inserting the right firmware in the USB port, but it won't read it.

First question: is there a way I could fix it by myself and restore the initial firmware?

Second question: if not, has anybody experienced the same thing a got it fixed by a Sony certified repairman? Did they have to change the board or just did some magic with the software?

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Nope. After the Bravia logo comes up, it stays blank and then closes 3 seconds after...
Usually, the service menu is accessed with the tv OFF, so it might work. With a google search, you should be able to find how to get there with a few button presses. It will likely be the same for many Sonys so don't worry if you can't find one for your exact model.
Crap... I can't even access the service menu. Still get a blank screen. :(
Is there a way where you can "load" the TV by pressing a combination of buttons to give you a limp mode type of setting? By this, it would be like loading in safemode. I don't have a Bravia so maybe it can't be done.

I fixed the problem! I called a technicial from one of the Sony certified repair shops and he suggested I unplug the TV for at least 15 minutes (I previously tried but for less then a minutes). So did unpluged it, but it was still turning off by itself after few seconds without any image. However, it kind of re-enabled the USB reader and was able to write the correct firmware. Yay!
I hate reflashing firmware as I am always paranoid I am using the wrong firmware. So you kind of lived my nightmare.

Glad you got it working and thanks for keeping us informed. You may help someone down the road with the same problem.
Hi.I need help asap.I did a software update on my sony bravia KLV-32BX300 with a wrong uodate meant for tv in colombia only.I am in South Africa.How do i fix this ir atleast restore it back to the original version.Also my tv has a red line through the screen and the screen changes colour everytime.How do i fix these problems?
Did you try unplugging it for at least 15 minutes to see if that would allow you to reflash it? Did the problem with the red line and the shifting colours happen after you tried flashing it, or before?
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