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USB cell modem: best option for cheap / low usage / short term?

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Hi folks.

I'm going to be sailing in BC for 6 weeks, and looking for a low-cost way to have occasional internet access from my laptop to check email, pay bills, and whatnot. We have a cheap pay-as-you-go cellphone from Virgin ($100/yr, with rollover; we're currently over $200 on account), and it looks like they have a stick option... $79 to buy the stick, and "$45/mon or $45/gb". Not sure whether the $45/gb is time limited.

I'm wondering if there are cheaper options. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help...
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If your going to be in ports or towns every night just use Wi-Fi on your laptop.

$45/gb on a mobile stick it a lot. On my mobile stick I have a $30 a month plan for 5/gb.

Maybe $45/gb is the going rate for PAYG. Check other providers websites and see what they offer. If not, like I said use Wi-Fi when ever your are in a port or city and see what you can get.

Best of Luck
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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