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I had been receiving the Rogers Usage warning messages you get when you approach your monthly limit: e.g.

An important message about your Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Service
Our records show your household has reached 75% of the 95 GB monthly usage allowance provided with your Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Extreme service.

For each additional GB that you use, you will be charged $1.50, until you reach the maximum charge of $50.00 per billing period.

Depending on your billing period you may be charged for additional usage on your next invoice. Please visit our additional use FAQ page for more information.
However this month I didn't get the 75% limit notification; I got the notification after the 100% limit was hit -- and I was already being billed for it. I checked my usage and noted the the 75% limit notification had been 'opted-out' (read: 'disabled'). Probably because the 'Please do not send me this message in the future' link had been clicked. (I'm glaring at my girlfriend while I'm writing this).

However the infuriating part was there is no method provided to re-enable this (or 'opt-in') the usage warning messages. So I called Rogers who bounced me around to various departments before I decided to try technical support (who I always seem to have a better rapport with).

I found a technician who explained to me there is a way to re-enable the messages, but it is undocumented to the general public.

To Opt-in for the 75% usage warning messages:

To Opt-in for the 100% usage warning messages:

I thought I should share this because it is an incredibly useful tidbit of information to know that will save you from inadvertent overage charges.


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For Rogers users who regularly go over their usage limit are you getting the messages correctly every month? We just went over 100% yesterday and we didn't get the warning although we got the 75% warning a few days ago. Last month we got both.

My other concern is: Is the 100% message real time or is it delayed 24-48 hrs like their usage tracker effectively telling you that you went over after the fact?
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